Niagara Cycle and Stay

Luggage Rates


How does the luggage transfer work?

For those who do need transfer .... The guests pack their bags and leave them in the front hall. Around mid-day, or whenever is convenient for the deliverer and receiver, the bags are transfer to the next B&B. The rate is predetermined (about $0.58 per km for a return trip ... more or less breakeven). It is the responsibility of the host from which the cyclist is departing to get the luggage to the next B&B. 

Luggage rates are based on:

Mileage rate $ per km 0.58

Km multiplied by 2 to cover the return trip + fixed fee rounded to the nearest dollar

Transfers within the same community $5.00

Premium for transfers to/from NON member sites $5.00

HST may be applicable to rates. 

The rate is per trip, ie if 4 guests are traveling from A to B the rate is  split between 4 guests. For trips which require multiple stops the rate is the total KM driven  by mileage rate. 


Luggage Rates

Cycle and Stay Niagara Luggage Transfer Rates 2019 (pdf)