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Coming into Niagara-on-the-Lake on Lakeshore past East West Line the ride is very poor. When you get to Quiet Acres, consider taking East west Line to Niagara Stone road and take it into Town or to Matisse B&B or Antique Slumber.  If you are going to Darlington House or AquaBella continue on East West Line to Niagara Street to Charlotte Street then cycle down Charlotte.

Niagara Falls

  Here's some info on how to get to Orchard View B+B. The Niagara region hasn't been brilliant about signage and cycle routes here in NF so no route is perfect. Look at Google Maps as well to plan your route.


Route 1:

Travelling north along the Niagara Parkway all the way in to Murray st. then up the very, very steep hill (you might end up walking this too) crossing over Stanley Ave. to Main St. Turn slightly left (not hard Left) onto Main St. which curves around to Culp st. on the left. On the corner you'll see a pizza place and a variety store. We are located on the left side one and a bit blocks down just passed Orchard St.


Route 2A: Portage Rd

Travelling north along the Niagara Parkway, turn left on to Upper Rapids Blvd. to Portage Rd. Turn right on Portage Rd. At 1km or so, the road splits, to the right Portage Rd continues and to the left is Marineland Parkway which leads to Stanley Ave (route 2B below). If you take Portage, it's very narrow (no shoulder) and but does offer a fabulous view looking down on the Falls. This road T-bones at the beginning of Main St. but does go up an incline (not as bad as Murray St.) so via left. Now at Main and Stanley at the lights, there is Dixon St also meeting there. I recommend you cross over and take this street as it becomes very unfriendly for cyclists at this point. Dixon St then meets Allendale Ave so turn right on to Allendale. At the next set of lights is Main St.(where five roads intersect), turn slightly left now so follow Main street around until you meet Culp St on the left (less than 1km).  Turn left and we are on the left side of the street, one and a bit blocks down. Not much to see here along Stanley and is a main thoroughfare (2 lanes either way) but the road surface is better but busier.

Route 2B: Stanley St.

Travelling north along  the Niagara Parkway to Upper Rapids Blvd. to Portage Rd. Turn right on Portage Rd. At 1km or so, the road splits, to the right Portage Rd continues and to the left is Stanley Ave. Take Stanley Ave., it dips around for a short distance (the road splits here into either Stanley Ave. or McLeod Rd.) but stay on Stanley Ave. Make a left on Dunn Ave. then a right on Orchard Ave. (less than 1km). Go to the end of Orchard St. and turn left onto Culp St. We are on the left side, 2nd house from the corner. This is a more hospitable route once you get to Dunn St.


One last bit to add generally:

Tip: Northbound from Fort Erie to NOTL is less challenging.




Bicycle Route Options Between Port Robinson Ferry and Chippawa, Niagara Falls which avoids for the most part the busy Lyons Creek Road. Start Point - West side of the Ferry . Destination - Tim Hortons, 

Bike Repair Sites


Niagara on the Lake

Olde Angele Inn  224 Regent Street

Port Colborne

The Smokin Budda - 265 King St. 

Port Colbourne Public Library 310 King St. Mark Fairchild Park - Sugarloaf St


 Sherkston Community Center 4893 Sherkston Road (Cross road - Empire Rd)


Welland International Flatwater Centre 16 Townline Tunnel Road